SoBiC is an entirely unique and new evolutionary system in it works autonomically to create a adequate bio-cycle in accordance with the surrounding natural conditions with.
In terms of all kinds of production systems made by human, SoBiC is the most efficient system than ever before.

The analysis of the "circulating water" tells us everything about the state of the plant and allows us to deal with it on a large scale with "simple adjustments".
Water circulation in SoBiC is the same as human blood circulation

Plant growth KPIs at a glance
(The discovery of the new century)

We can design a bio-cycle for a new dimension.
Ideal "natural ecosystems" can be easily built.

By interwining the water where goldfish and carp are raised, a natural purification and nutrient recycling environment that conforms almost completely to the natural ecosystem is created.

We can quantify "Squeeze the water".

There is an agricultural technique that says that the sugar content increases when water is squeezed out before the harvest, but the degree of squeezing depends on the circumstances, and this technique has been impossible to quantify with techniques that rely on many years of intuition. If you squeeze it wrongly, it can cause withering and fruit splitting.

Able to "adjust the aperture" at a clear numerical level.

Integration with facility horticulture technology enables more efficient production.

Super-efficient environment using a bubble system.
Super-efficient environment using a bubble system.