Who has ambition and a challenging spirit?

We want these people to grow our business.

Who can sympathize with our solution and business model?
Who can foresee the future and continue challenging?
Who is interested in worldwide business development or planning?
Who is positive and cooperative?
Who can act enthusiastically?
Job category
Business-planning/ Management-support/ General business
Number of applicants
small number of people
Required skills

PC, Internet, MSOffice
No requirements for academic background or work experience
Working hours
9:30 - 17:30
Day off
We will treat you according to your age, experience, skill, intention
Note :
Our company is still a small enterprise which was established several years ago. Our members are very few and the organization hasn't been in place for very long. However, we have a big outlook which big companies don't have.
For massive needs, we are challenging the world with a very unique solution. It is said that Steve Jobs started his business from his home garage. We think our current situation is very similar to it. Our company doesn't aim to be the world's No.1, but at least we think our business model will be known in the world. We are recruiting members who can make such a dynamic development with us.

Application Form

I'm sorry but only foreigners living in Japan can apply for the position.