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[About Exporting Overseas]
We think that SoBiC has a great potential to be the world's new standard of agricultural systems for the next generation due to serious climate changes, shortages of water and narrowing farming land all over the world. However, we cannot do business by just exporting our domestic products. Because SoBiC has some of important factors and adjustments in order to run properly that are subject to the local environment, surrounding conditions as well as the business model for each respective user. We would render our original techniques, deep experienced know-how and license to the potential overseas business partner.

SoBiC Organic Planter

Ultra-compact global environmental system.Can be used for a wide range of applications from home gardening to research and development
  • Anyone, anywhere, with no experience or knowledge, busy or unsure of their fitness, can easily pick the "ultimate organic vegetable"!

    Simple kit for home cultivation
    Simple Test Kit for Research and Development

    Price JPY9,500
Valid development items
-Verification of effective soil composition balance
-Verification of growth and results by balancing soil and fertilizer composition
-Verification of the growth effect of multiplexing the bio-cycle of microorganisms and bacteria activity
-Verification of the causal relationship between environmental factors and plant growth as well as KPI

Tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, and other common fruit and vegetable crops.

How to use

Enjoy the richness of nature at home easily
  • -Does not require watering everyday.
    -You can easily taste the freshly picked real and true organic vegetables grown by nature in own home.
    -It could be the most reasonable option to provide healthy and safe food.

Ideal for professional research and development.

  • -Development of soil
    -Development of organic fertilizers
    -Development of microbial materials
    -Research on factors related to plant growth
    -Elucidation of the natural bio-cycle
    -Design and demonstration of a bio-cycle for more efficient production

Product Spcifications

  • [SoBiC organic planter/H-005]
    Size : Width about 69cm in length, about 36cm in heigth and about 40cm in depth
    Weight : About 1.6kg
    Tank capacity (maximum value) : Refill water tank : About 15L pump : About 1L
    Material : Styrofoam, Plastic resin, PET
    Accessories : Instruction manual
  • [Extra cartridge bag kit (contained 3 bags)]
    Size : Width about 56cm in length, about 37cm in height
    Weight : About 40/piece
    Material : Polyethylene



A complete unit for mass production that can be easily expanded.
Test and verification kits for developing infrastructure systems for large scale production.
Just install it and you can start farming.
You can start with just one unit and expand it by simply connecting it with commercially available hoses.
Unlike facility cultivation or plant factories, you don't need to invest in expensive equipment and maintenance costs, so it's easy to rebuild even if you are struck by a disaster.
The principle of SoBiC is so simple that you can customize the size of the vessel (amount of medium) according to the plants you want to grow, your purpose and the installation environment.

SoBiC-PRO deep model, width 120cm type

  • Size Approx. 125 cm (width) x 55 cm (depth) x 30 cm (height)
    Capacity 約80~100L
    Material Recycled plastic resin, PVC, etc.
    Weight Approx. 12kg

Ball tap box for managing the water level

  • Connects to a hose (water supply) to provide a stable supply of water to the SoBiC-PRO.

    Size Approx. 37 cm (width) x 23 cm (depth) x 19 cm (height)
    Material Polypropylene
    Weight Approx. 700g

How to use

You can start with one square meter in any location.
You can start with one square meter in any location.

Example of installation (Example of an operational test level installation)

  • *These are the conditions for installing on a level surface.

    [number of units]
    -[SoBiC-PRO deep model, width 120cm type] x 60 units
    -Ball Tap Box x 10pcs

Can be used year-round without a greenhouse

Even in the middle of winter (*1), winter vegetables can be grown without a greenhouse as long as the entire soil in the medium does not freeze.
*1:The inside of the SoBiC unit also retains heat, so even if the temperature goes down to minus 5 degrees Celsius at night, the entire culture medium is unlikely to freeze. In warm areas, many types of crops can be grown in winter. However, if there is little sunlight, growth is very slow.
It can be done "indoors" or in a "greenhouse" if the sun is available!
In that case, you can save a lot of money on utility bills for temperature control, etc.

Production capacity

It is easy to build small-scale, high-efficiency production facilities in a short period of time.

Tenfold increase in agricultural production efficiency!

Can be installed anywhere with maximum area efficiency as long as there is a sunny spot.
The fastest and most efficient way to respond to the increasingly serious food crisis, while providing consumers with safe and secure crops
Trials have begun in a variety of industries.

Introductory Example

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Support Corporation
  • Demonstration of labor-saving management and stimulated growth of citrus seedlings.

  • Location:Osaka in Japan
    Purpose of use:
    Utilization of high productivity and high profit in practical agricultural education (used for practical training in urban agriculture)
Major brewing company
  • Location:Kanto area in Japan
    Purpose of use:Production of high quality, low cost wine grapes.
Ctech corp., Mie Branch
  • Location:Chubu area in Japan
    Purpose of use:Validation of Promoted Cultivation Techniques for Deer Non-Friendly Plants.
    Non-palatable plants: species that deer do not forage at all, or if they do, they forage relatively less frequently than other plants.
Leisure Facilities Company
  • Location:Kanto area in Japan
    Purpose of use: Utilizing SoBiC for verification of promoted cultivation, continuous cultivation, and mixed materials for herbivores raised at the facility.

SoBiC-PRO Soil cartridge bag

A variety of cultivation and production is possible according to your preference.
You can further increase your production efficiency with your own ideas.
  • Standard Soil
    Material for soil cultivation
    *Only flammable materials are used.
    Cocopeat (coconut waste), peat moss (moss), charcoal, shells, rice husks, organic fertilizer, slow-acting fertilizer components, etc.
    Examples of vegetables suitable for the soil. -Common fruit vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, etc.
    -Leafy vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage as well as Chinese cabbage
    -Corn and other grains
    -Potatoes and other root vegetables
    Examples of vegetables unsuitable for the soil. -Beans such as soybeans and broad beans -Peppers, bell peppers, etc. -Other crops that do not tolerate humid environments -Crops that like acidic soil

Seed/seedling planting pattern into cartridge bags

Placement of water supply tubes

The more soil you planter per plant, the more stable growth will be. Planting patterns can be flexibly set up in terms of production efficiency per area.

SoBiC Orchard System

SoBiC can easily create an ideal growing production environment for fruit trees.


*The SoBiC orchard system is under renewal.

Provision of key parts

Creating a high value-added growth industry!

Model Example 1

An example of high value-added business development using well-lit space in an urban area.
Creating jobs on organic farms using SoBiC in office windows and on rooftops.
-Simple farm work is done by hiring people with disabilities and utilizing the elderly to harvest and clean plants.
-Contributing to social welfare.
-It can be grown in urban areas with a large working population with low pest and disaster risks.
In addition, it is easier to secure manpower and reduce logistics costs.

Model Example 2

Providing "freshly harvested" organic vegetables and rental farm services at restaurants using SoBiC's automatic cultivation system.

  • Cooking freshly harvested vegetables

  • It can be rented out as a rental farm to motivate people to come to the store.
Create added value for the restaurant through experiential services that are not available in other restaurants!