Product Q&A

Answers to frequently asked questions about SoBiC are provided below. 
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Q.Isn't it just a "watering device"?
A.It also has a watering function, but it is not just a "watering device". It has the ability to "circulate water" through the power and rhythm of nature.
Q.How does it run automatically without electricity or machinery?
A.This is because water is automatically circulated through the system taking advantage of the natural changes in air pressure, which is caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the air due to the heat of the sun.
Q.Why does it grow better when grown in SoBiC?
A.The system uses a natural culture medium and water circulation via natural rhythms to create a "small earth" like environment.
Specifically, the water circulation provides oxygen to the soil and helps activate the microorganisms in the medium, naturally purifying the soil and enriching its nutrients, while at the same time also creating an environment in which roots can grow well.
Q.Does it really grow well if you leave it alone?
A.In the cultivation and farming of plants, there are some very troublesome and time-consuming chores such as "soil preparation", "tilling", "watering almost every day", "weeding" and "difficult fertilizer application". However, if you just grow them using SoBiC, you can basically grow them even if you leave them alone.
Q.Do vegetables grown on SoBiC taste good?
A.It's hard to make a general statement about the sweetness, freshness, and balance with sourness and bitterness, because everyone has their own criteria for "deliciousness". However, when grown using SoBiC, you can bring out the natural, taste of vegetables.
Q.Can vegetables grown using SoBiC be considered organic?
A.There are many theories on the definition of organic vegetables. Basically, the concept of an "organic vegetable" is a vegetable grown in a natural environment without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. In this sense, it can be said that with SoBiC, which makes use of nature's mechanisms, it is possible to grow the ultimate in organic vegetables according to various particulars, simply by carefully selecting the soil, fertilizer and water.
Q.Is it true that SoBiC can save 90% of water?
A.According to one study, measuring the amount of water needed to produce one tomato in a normal watering system, it would take 50 liters. It depends on the growing environment and the type of tomatoes, etc., but if we measure the water consumption per medium-sized tomatoes successfully grown with SoBiC, there are many cases where the water consumption per medium-sized tomato is only about 2 or 3 liters, which roughly translates to saving more than 90% of water. In any case, the SoBiC is a fully recirculating system, which means no water is wasted and crops can be grown with the minimum amount of water needed.
Q.Can I use it indoors?
A.It can be used indoors, as long as the sun's rays can reach it, such as in an agricultural greenhouse or plastic greenhouse.
Q.Is SoBiC a patented technology?
A.Patents have been registered in Japan and dozens of countries around the world.