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[About Exporting Overseas]
We think that SoBiC has a great potential that it can be the world new standard of agricultural system for the next eneration due to nowadays of serious climate changes, shortage of water and narrowing farming land all over the world. However, we cannot do the business by just exporting our domestic products only. Because SoBiC has some of important factors to adjustments to run properly in subject to the local environment, surround condition and business model for each respective user. We would render our original techniques, deep experienced know-how and license to the potential overseas business partner.

[For those who are thinking of implementing SoBiC and utilizing it for business]
If you have any questions or inquiries about SoBiC, please be as specific as you can find, such as "Purpose (in-house use, proposal/utilization to other companies, sales/development)" and "Crops you want to cultivate".

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