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Business Development Area

SoBiC can create new business models in so various industries limitlessly.

Demand at home

The ultimate in organic, easy to enjoy at home!
  • -All people, young and old, male and female, can enjoy it.
    -Saving on food costs
    -Food safety and security
    -Ideal for food education
    -Promotion of organic and food safety
    -Demand for disaster prevention and self-sufficiency

Huge demand for greening and environmental improvements.

If you bring in soil and seeds, "greening" is easy!
Who is going to take care of the hard stuff? It is a problem.
With SoBiC, it's easy to install.
There's a huge demand for it in schools, hospitals, lodging, nursing care, public facilities, etc.

Environmental improvement x Employment promotion x Economic revitalization

It's the foundation for creating a virtuous cycle of abundance.

Self-Sufficient Production Business.

Veggies are best when they're freshly picked and pesticide-free!

You can make the best use of any space.

Turning a useless piece of land into a healthy, prosperous space!

Agriculture resistant to natural disasters and extreme weather.

The world needs it

Globally, population growth, environmental destruction and resource depletion are becoming more apparent, and water shortages as well as the shrinking of agricultural land are accelerating, raising concerns about a serious food crisis in the near future.
With SoBiC, it could be a radical solution because it doesn't require farmland, it requires just the minimum of water for maximum yield, and is easy for anyone to handle!

Mobility will change the world!

Apple's strength is not in its technology, it's in its ideas for rational, market-driven features that follow principles that do not flatter the market.
The company was one of the first to detect the trend toward mobile technology and actively promoted network linkage, which had been a taboo subject for device manufacturers

The agricultural-based food production and logistics industry is the largest industry in the world.
This, combined with mobility, will change the world!

Opportunity to make a leap in new business in the absolute growth industry of food and environment.

  • -System installation service for producers
    -Cartridge bag delivery and installation service
    -System and cartridge bag sales and logistics services
    -System rental service
    -Environmental facilities, installation and construction work
    -The simplest greening in the creation and development of prosperous cities
    -Development and sales of high-tech equipment integration solutions
    -Development and sales of package solutions for environmental equipmen
    t -Development and sales of economic revitalization solutions
    -Sales as a support tool for developing countries and so on
There is no industry that is not entirely related to food (production and distribution of agricultural products) or, environment and greening.
It is self-evident that the invention of the most efficient agricultural production infrastructure system in history will create new industrial models in all types of businesses, industries and institutions. It is up to us to take business benefits in this context, and it is up to us to act.